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Rescue roof restoration work that was a bit of a Monkey Puzzle!!

Something slightly out of the ordinary to share with you today.  Yesterday we completed restoration works to the roof of a family home in Lindfield.  The roof was severely damaged after a 50ft giant Monkey Puzzle (Araucaria araucana)  tree fell on it during the severe winds in January.  The picture below was taken by the Mid Sussex times on the day it happened.  Kate Nunn lives in the house with her husband Nick and two young boys (who were very interested in us:)  Kate and Nick were a delight to work for and we’re pleased to be leaving them in peace now.  We repaired the damaged roof with reclaimed clay peg tiles, so the areas of replaced roof matched seamlessly with the existing roof.  Both chimmneys were removed and re built due to damage from the falling tree and are now ready for lighting an open fire again.  The scaffolding comes down next week and I will show you a picture of the seamless new roof.

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