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Planting Inspiration – Hydrangea paniculata Limelight

This is my favourite form of Hydrangea, I find generally all the paniculata species more attractive than the mainstream macrophylla which are commonly found in pinks and blues in a typical garden.

‘Limelight’ grows up to 3m tall with a spread also up to 3m if left uncontrolled. Annual spring pruning of the previous years growth, back to the basic required woody framework size is all that’s needed to keep it free flowering and it’s size in check. It establishes quickly and you can obtain them up to 1m tall from suppliers so can give an instant feeling of establishment to a planting scheme. The flowers are lime green fading to cream and then finishing with a hint of pink, they flower profusely from August to October providing an impressive display.

They are not commonly available in  your regular garden centre as you will find out if you go looking.  
  £35.00 -  Hydrangea paniculata Limelight – Supplied at a height of 1m

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