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Living roofs. A fresh and innovative idea for your garden

Living roofs |
  A green roof or living roof is a fresh and innovative idea for your garden.  Looking at the image above you’ll see the garden studio in the bottom left of the image has a beautiful wild flower roof.   The practice of building green roofs is hundreds of years old.  Today,  with the effects of climate change green roofs will become an increasingly important technology.  Green roofs provide enormous benefits to buildings, their users and the environment, encouraging local wildlife such as pollinating insects, reducing energy consumption  by increasing building thermal properties and reducing CO2 production .

Living roof design is a fascinating area, with a vast array of alternative planting designs which can be used with anything from Sedum matting to wildflower meadows and perennial  planting. We currently have a client  who has commissioned us to incorporate a living roof as part of a structure within their garden.

Garden sheds, garages and outbuildings are a great place to incorporate living roofs.   Our recent new build home was built on a rather challenging triangular plot,  we are currently in the process of finishing off the landscaping and the final touch will be a little outbuilding at the bottom of the garden,  in the tip of the triangle,  which will be sporting a living roof. 

The number of domestic green roofs in the UK is on the increase.  If you are interested in designing and building a living roof in your garden, get in touch with us, we can check that the building structure is suitable and we would be more than happy to build your living roof for you and feature it here for the interest of others. 


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